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A performance methodology used by some of the world's best Triathlon federations for their elites, athletes and swimmers and a system that Lovetri | Swimwerkx race team use to guarantee personal bests for their athletes. 


CSS is developed by Swim Smooth and Paul Newsome. Ideally you'll need to purchase a finis tempo trainer pro [it gives an audible timing beep close to your ear] or be able to wear a wrist based device that can be set for interval times


When used properly CSS teaches you how to pace properly at race speeds. No more guesswork, no more clock watching, just swim, watch your swim times tumble!



A performance methodology relying on threshold speed, the pace you can hold over longer swim distances. 


Calculated over a slightly longer distance than CSS it is very suitable for long distance swimming and allows you to complete sessions based on speeds at, above or below threshold speed. 


Never again will you blow up before you've finished your race or distance.  All you need is a pool clock or watch that you can pace yourself against

All novice and Ironman | long swim plans and boosts use threshold swim pace